The enrolment and retention of high quality patients is critical to the lifecycle and overall outcome of each trial. It’s how we exceed our customers’ expectations and ensures we can maintain our ongoing success as a leading site services organisation. This process starts the moment a patient steps through the door when they are made to feel like an individual that’s noticed and appreciated. We believe it’s those little personal touches that can make all the difference. Whether it’s a smiling face at reception, a friendly chat with one of the nurses or a complimentary breakfast following a fasting blood sample, we do all we can to make each patient feel comfortable, relaxed and reassured.


In addition to taking care of each patient, we also remind them of how their valuable work will contribute to the approval of new medications. It’s by working together with our medical staff that our passion for quality patient care and rigorous, efficient clinical research can be realised. Reinforcing why we continue to innovate our services and develop scientific and therapeutic expertise with an increasing number of patients across global continents and territories.

SynexusPlus is the site conduct and patient access solution designed to eliminate the greatest impediment to clinical trial success:

Through proprietary feasibility and high-enrolling global sites, SynexusPlus delivers up to 100% of the patients you need, in less time and from a more efficient site footprint, all under a results-based contracting model. This combined solution is best suited for clinical trial sponsors or CROs who are in the trial planning phase and have not yet determined their strategy for sites and countries.

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