Global Connectivity

Synexus is the world’s leading SMO.

Why? Because we have a global reach, with 27 dedicated research sites across three continents. Yet we deliver rigorous consistency across each and every site.

Currently we operate centres in 9 countries but all adopt the same model, quality standards and operating procedures, with local nuances taken into account. And at every site, our unmatched recruitment and retention methods ensure patients are fully engaged in clinical trials, which enhances operational efficiency and research quality. We can also increase our in-country capacity through our 67 key affiliate sites.

All of this empowers Synexus to deliver more patients from fewer sites for global studies in selected therapeutic areas. And all from one point of contact with Synexus rather than multiple sites.

Affiliate Site Model

Synexus partners with key research sites to increase patient access in existing countries and global regions, but also to offer customers our model in new parts of the world  or in emerging therapies.  Affiliates are selected using local knowledge and are involved in Synexus studies in a controlled step-by-step process.  Eventually sites can evolve to become a full Synexus partner or even part of the network.

We require affiliate sites to perform to the same standards as a Synexus Research Site.  Affiliates are closely monitored, with a quality coordinator allocated to ensure integrity and consistency of data, while also benefitting from central Synexus support functions such as project management, feasibility, contracts, patient recruitment and training. This enables affiliate sites to leverage the Synexus infrastructure, assisting their overall performance.