Planning & Project Management

Project feasibility

Initially, our feasibility team develops the Synexus Delivery Plan. This provides an accurate assessment of how we plan to deliver the study with full protocol compliance, based on a medically evaluation of the protocol and any potential obstacles.

In each country our expert teams (medical, operational, and patient engagement) undertake a full review of the protocol and patient population, with the aid of a senior physician, to ensure there are no local nuances to prevent full patient participation. The team identifies the operational steps to deliver the study and how they will engage the patients.

The feasibility review does not stop with a proposal. It is on-going until we reach a high level of confidence in the delivery plan, including projected sites, patient numbers and how we are going to recruit them.

This forms the basis of the study documentation provided to the Global Project Manager to immediately kick off the study.

Global Project Management

Our strong Global Project Management team work closely with customers to lead their study from feasibility to successful completion, providing transparency on progress and performance throughout..

Dedicated Global Project Managers provide a single point of contact for customers, proactively managing their trial, ensuring patient recruitment is reliable, studies start quickly, operate consistently and deliver quality data on time and to budget..

Global managers are supported by local Synexus teams who enable studies to begins as promptly as possible by collecting necessary documentation, preparing it for submission and starting recruitment after EC approval has been obtained.