Engaging With Patients

Patient Engagement Plans

The Patient Engagement Plan places the patient at the centre of the clinical trial’s preparation and management. Each plan is different, tailored to the specific circumstances of the patient community within the chosen country.

To do this, the patient engagement team defines the patient profile and how best to engage with them in the local healthcare setting, using our established community-focused engagement approaches.  They also identify ways to overcome protocol-specific nuances and how patients think about their disease. This ensures patients receive the right information to make an informed choice on joining a Synexus study.

The Patient Engagement Plan has three objectives:

  • Engage with the right patients through appropriate messaging so they know what to expect when they arrive at a Synexus site and want to join the study if suitable for them.
  • Ensure reliable recruitment to meet the feasibility numbers.
  • Ensure fast start up.  Our teams are very focused on how we can get the first patient to join the study in very short period of time

The entire Synexus team (Feasibility, Patient Engagement, Medical, Project Managers, and Operations) is totally committed to spending time, energy and expertise on developing and executing the right global and local patient engagement strategy.

As a result, Synexus has become the patient’s choice for clinical research. We not only recruit patients; we also retain them, increasing their motivation to participate in the right Synexus trial, which in turn enhances the quality of trial delivery.

In addition, we ensure a patient’s family doctor is aware of their trial participation and also check the study is suitable for their current state of health.  For their part, these doctors want to give patients access to clinical trials and trust Synexus to do this for them. We constantly look for more doctors who want their patients to benefit from the Synexus experience.

Building our Patient Communities

Building our Patient Communities

Synexus Database Community

> 679,000 patients expressed interest in trials
> Across key TAs and countries
> Brand exposure through newsletters and health checks

Health Care Professionals Networks

> Engage participating local GPs to write to potential patients with ethically approved letter
> Strong links with Specialists, Pharmacists and other Doctors’ networks to encourage participation

Social Community

> Family and friend referrals
> Interaction with patient advocacy groups and health fairs
> Recruitment team visit local centres/clinics
> Online engagement and social media

Direct Advertising

> Write to patients from commercial databases
> Integrated approach (print, radio & TV)
> Outdoor advertising on buses, taxis and trams

Our global network of Dedicated Research Sites offers our customers access to over 100 million patients worldwide. In addition there are currently more than 750,000 patient community in Synexus with a stated interest in clinical trials. We work constantly to develop multiple points of contact with patients including advertising, mail shots, newsletters, and word of mouth so that our patient community stays informed throughout the trial process.

At every Synexus site, a dedicated team engages with primary care providers and specialist physicians plus pharmacists and other health care professionals to  support patient recruitment.  We build the required network of healthcare professionals and seamlessly integrate with the local health system to support study-specific recruitment needs.

Synexus teams also conduct health checks in the community, attend health fairs, meet patient advocacy groups and engage online with patients through social media.

All of this maintains a thriving, informed patient community, prepared to join a trial that makes sense for their situation.  We offer a full assessment of a patient’s health when they join a Synexus study – a significant advantage over entering a trial in a non-dedicated clinical site. It makes recruitment patient-centric, helping the patient understand the clinical trials, from start to finish.