Effective and patient-centric Clinical Trials

It’s vital for future retention that patients feel positive about their visits to our trial sites.

We treat them as individuals and this is both noticed and appreciated by the patient. A smiling face at reception, the nurse having a friendly conversation during the clinic visit or providing complimentary breakfast when the patient has provided a fasting blood sample – these are the personal touches that make a difference.

Our global team care passionately about the company vision and values that have been the foundation of our patient-focused clinical research. They want to make a difference for patients, knowing their work will contribute to the approval of new medications.

Our medical staff are fully integrated as part of the team, and all have a passion both for the highest quality patient care and rigorous, efficient clinical research. We employ more than 130 experienced clinical trial investigators and 180 nurses who are solely committed to conducting clinical trials for Synexus, supported by a professional team of highly trained research physicians and research nurses.

This allows Synexus to conduct high quality research across multiple dedicated clinical sites. We continue to innovate and develop our scientific and therapeutic expertise as we reach increasing numbers of patients in more countries.