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Synexus and US based Radiant Research announced their full operational integration to create the world’s largest site network for clinical research in May 2017.

The company, operating under the Synexus name, is the market leader in the site network space, running 195 sites across 11 countries and offering access to over 100 million patients in key clinical development markets.

The collaboration provides a strong strategic fit for the European headquartered Synexus and Radiant Research which has over 75 sites across the US. Together both companies enrolled over 10,500 patients into trails in 2016.

The move provides biopharmaceutical and contract research organisation (CRO) customers with an unmatched opportunity to find the right patient for the right trial at the right time across US, Europe and South Africa. Our aim is to harness this new unparalleled Synexus network to secure customer contracts for integrated multi-site trials across the world.

Synexus US has served the biopharmaceutical, medical device and consumer products industries for over 22 years and employs the skills of more than 500 clinical research professionals exclusively focused on providing professional, high quality study conduct and drug development services. With over 75 research sites and more than 100 Principal Investigators, incorporating both stand-alone facilities as well as physician based centers; our sites have fully integrated quality systems and access to a database of over 2.5 million participants. Synexus US has conducted more than 14,000 clinical trials across a variety of therapeutic areas.

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