South Africa

A network of sites with 18 million potential patients providing  access to clinical research and strong partnerships

Synexus SA is all about partnerships.  We partner with customers to help them develop medicine for the global population; we partner with our patients to ensure we deliver top quality data that helps build the information about clients’ drugs; we partner with other sites and specialists to supplement our service to our clients.

With 125 full time employees of whom 14 are clinicians and 34 are registered nurses, Synexus South Africa has built a proud track record of more than 330 clinical trials completed across a wide spectrum of diseases.  We conduct the studies at our three Synexus-owned dedicated research centres and also partner with 20 other dedicated research centres across the country which share the Synexus philosophy of speeding up patient enrolment and clinical execution whilst protecting patient safety and delivering top quality research data.  We welcome our patients to state-of-the art research facilities developed with a focus on patient comfort.

The South African population of almost 55 million is spread across the country.  Synexus SA has a presence in most of the high density regions through our Synexus owned DRSs or through our affiliate partnership model.  South Africa is known for its quadruple burden of disease which is categorized as communicable diseases including TB, degenerative diseases, injury related mortality and HIV/AIDS.  Being a developing country has the research upside that a large proportion of our patients do not have access to first world medicine and we have the unfortunate situation that many patients suffering from different diseases are still treatment naïve.  Therefore the opportunity to participate in clinical research is welcomed by patients and clinicians alike.

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