A growing network of top recruiting sites with access to a potential population of 13.5 million patients.

Synexus’ entry into Poland dates from to 2006 with the acquisition of SCM – one of the first professional Dedicated Research Centres located in Wroclaw. Further expansion and acquisition has strengthened the position of Synexus in Poland.  Today, Synexus Poland has six Dedicated Research Centres, located in the major Polish cities.  We have 23.9 doctors and 34.9 nurses all professionally trained and dedicated to conducting clinical research.

With over 10 years of history, hundreds of completed studies and tens of thousands of randomized patients, Poland continues to grow with further centres planned.

In 2012, Synexus Poland became the hub for Synexus in Central and Eastern Europe with its new head office in Sky Tower, Wrocław.

In June 2015, Synexus Poland opened its sixth Dedicated Research Centre. The new state of the art modern facility in Gdansk is the largest Synexus centre in the world.

We work with 53 GPs outpatient clinic and about 40 different secondary care specialists.  We intend to increase this number as cooperating healthcare providers are important both for patient recruitment and supporting the patient’s trial participation. We are looking for new and innovative ways of cooperating with both doctors and  patients.

Affiliates sites currently provide access to an additional 9.5 million patients.

Our clinics and affiliate centres

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