A network of sites to access 4.2 million potential patients

Synexus Hungary has one DRS in Budapest with a network of affiliate sites, offering customers a unique solution for the Hungarian market.  The Budapest site has a potential patient population of 3 million and welcomes at least 100 newly registered patients every week. These are primarily middle-age or senior people, concerned about their health and who understand the importance of prevention. We offer a wide range of therapeutic areas, including diabetology, CVD, respiratory, dermatology, gynaecology, urology, and rheumatology.  We have 4 fulltime doctors and 15 nurses, all professionally trained and dedicated to conducting clinical research.  In addition, 60 contracted doctors support in key therapeutic areas.

With two decades of experience, Synexus is one of the most mature private research sites in the country. We plan to grow in Hungary by upgrading our affiliate sites to Synexus owned sites by acquisitions and organic growth, through an increase in personnel and site capacity.

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