Medical and Scientific Excellence

Synexus offers customers best in class medical and scientific excellence through our relationships with specialist doctors. We also operate scientific advisory boards to ensure we have the right tools, background and scientific expertise in our key therapeutic areas.

Clinical excellence provided by our own doctors and nurses ensures patients are engaged, motivated and retained on Synexus studies.  We are committed to delivering quality data through safe patient care and engaged patients across multiple therapy areas.

Synexus Therapeutic Focus

Synexus offers therapeutic and scientific excellence in five key areas:

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Cardiovascular
  • Metabolic
  • Respiratory
  • CNS

Each therapy area has a therapeutic lead and scientific advisory board.

Synexus is currently also examining how to support the critically important therapeutic area of early Alzheimer’s disease studies.

Synexus is looking to strengthen secondary care studies.

Historically, our focus has been in the primary care / outpatient trials.

However Synexus has now pioneered a research site providing greater access to secondary care, in collaboration with the National Health Service in the UK. We also have relationships with secondary care physicians who routinely recommend patients for Synexus studies enabling us to undertake some secondary care research.  Synexus is now actively looking to strengthen relationships with hospitals.