Synexus is a world class Site Network Organisation with global expertise spanning patient recruitment, trial planning, management and patient retention.

We recruit and retain more engaged patients, at fewer sites, and in less time than traditional centres, enhancing the quality and efficiency of our customers’ drug development programmes.

Our success is based on a simple, but crucial, principle. We place the patient at the heart of everything we do.

We have learned that, by engaging fully with patients, our clinical trials can be conducted more effectively and, as a result, patient retention increases significantly. This has fuelled the growth of  Synexus to a position where we now operate in 12 countries with a patient community of over 800,000. Our clinical trial model is rigorously applied in each country, taking into account local cultural and legal differences. We can offer sponsors robust and consistent trials across the globe.  One contract with Synexus means global patient recruitment and trialling without fuss or complication.