Founded 26 years ago by Dr. Ian Smith, Synexus continues to deliver unparalleled capability through it’s dedicated, professional, highly skilled and resilient global site network. A commitment to practicing the native values recognised by our founder has enabled Synexus to achieve extraordinary milestones, widely acknowledged as the trademark of excellence within our industry.

Our values have always been the fundamental principle in shaping our internal conduct and behaviours. This has strengthened our approach in being able to deliver our mission ‘The patients choice for clinical research’. Our values represent and define the best of what we can be, thereby creating an environment that will engage and build relations with our stakeholders, customers, clients and partners and achieve our objectives to attract and retain our patients, customers and employees.

Our values consist of five pillars, these are patient engagement, integrity, expertise, customer service and empowerment. We meet these values by practising the values in actions, as seen in the below sections.

Building and maintaining patient loyalty through our commitment to safety and care.

  • We pledge to educate patients with correct information and enlighten them on benefits to build a trustworthy relationship, along with interacting with patients in a professional manner.
  • We will ensure that our skills are kept up to date by attending regular industry training to be knowledgeable on protocols, GCPs and standards
  • We promise to focus on patient safety that fosters technical excellence and more importantly, compassion and care for the patient

Cultivating a culture characterised by mutual respect, honesty and fairness across the organisation.

  • We promise to adhere to all procedures, within the company’s ethical and legal guidelines
  • We will focus on detail in performing tasks to support the company’s objectives
  • We promise to be cooperative, committed, positive and reliable in my work

Committing to continually develop our knowledge and skills to be the leader in our field.

  • We strive to remain knowledgeable in our industry via training to ensure competitive advantage, as well as seize opportunities to teach and learn from others
  • We will actively attend internal and external training and present a high level of communication with the aid of the correct communications channels
  • We promise to monitor and evaluate outcomes and performance and share the best practise

Delighting our internal and external customers by delivering high levels of service and building lasting relationships.

  • We will offer a first-class service by greeting our customers in a welcoming and sincere manner, we will be patient by understanding and prioritising our customer’s needs
  • We pledge to keep our communication with our customers effective, honest and correct
  • We strive to maximise the patient experience by ensuring he/she feels valued and treat them with dignity and respect always

Encouraging everyone to take accountability to deliver outstanding performance.

  • We pledge to be trusted and accountable for our actions, admit to failures, voice our opinion and share ideas
  • We promise to improve and identify areas of change, in the company and on personal level