Iwona Tongbhoyai - Managing Director Western Europe

Management Team

Iwona Tongbhoyai joined Synexus in 2016 and served as the Head of German sites and later became Managing Director for Germany. In 2018 she was appointed as the Managing Director for the Western Europe region.

Her background involves a degree in international business management from Warsaw School of Economics and corporate management from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz/Germany.

Iwona has previously spent several years as business consultant and supported more than 30 companies across the industry, including one of the biggest German medical device manufacturers where she managed a new product launch and the necessary clinical trial phases. Before joining Synexus, she managed six clinical research sites at Klinische Forschung Gruppe Nord in Germany and was responsible for business development, client relationship management as well as excellent performance management of the sites.

As Managing Director for Synexus Western Europe, she is responsible for the operational excellence and further strategic development in the existing countries as well as further expansion in the region to provide the pharmaceutical industry with the needed value proposition.