The Synexus site network in Bulgaria has access to 1.7 million potential patients and via the dedicated research centre in Sofia, provides its own patient community, fast recruitment, internal quality system and skilled team.

Synexus Bulgaria also works with four affiliate sites: two in Sofia (1.3 million people), one in Plovdiv (300, 000 people) and one in Stara Zagora (120, 000 people). The advantages to undertaking clinical trials in Bulgaria include easy access to large study subject populations due to the centralized structures of the healthcare systems.

Synexus entered in to the Czech Republic in 2015 with fast, successful initiation and cooperation with Affiliated Research Sites. The next step in the plan was opening the first Dedicated Research Site in the centre of Prague. This state of the art modern clinic is one of the biggest within the Synexus operation in CEE region. Czech Republic is a well-recognized place for clinical trails and has implemented all EU directives regarding clinical trails. The approval process is predictable, with strict timelines, from both the National Ethics Committee and Regulatory Authority.

With access to 8 million potential patients and strong connections to secondary care physicians, Synexus Germany has four, wholly owned Dedicated Research Sites, with specialised full-time staff and resources. The 14 investigators and 14 nurses are professionally trained and dedicated to clinical research in a variety of therapeutic areas.

This results in a highly successful patient outreach through innovative recruitment techniques and this proven model consistently saves time and money for our customers.

Synexus Hungary has own sites in Budapest, Zalaegerszeg, Debrecen and Gyula, providing access to 4.2 million potential patients. To provide coverage across the majority of the country we can offer two additional hospital based sites in the Eastern and Western regions, also one outpatient hospital in the north of Hungary. Our sites welcome at least 100 newly registered patients every week. These are primarily middle-aged or senior people who are concerned about their health and understand the importance of prevention.

A wide range of therapeutic areas are offered, including diabetology, CVD, respiratory, dermatology, gynaecology, urology, and rheumatology. These are overseen by six full time doctors and 15 nurses, with and an additional 60 contracted doctors supporting in key therapeutic areas.

With its vast population, growing economy, major disease burdens, improved regulatory environment, and strong research infrastructure, the Indian market is now emerging as an ideal destination for clinical research.

Sponsors need to know that a partner can commit to reasonable timelines for study approval and start-up, deliver on committed patient numbers, and provide confidence of data quality and integrity. Clearly, for any sponsor that wants to take advantage of the emerging clinical trial opportunities in India, an experienced, knowledgeable, and well-connected partner such as Synexus is essential. Synexus and its Indian partner, offer sponsors the ideal entry into the market. Together, these companies combine the experience of the leading site management organization with local market knowledge in India to support pharmaceutical companies and CROs in their mission to take advantage of the patient recruitment potential and cost-saving opportunities in India. Synexus’ site network has access to 57 sites across the major Indian cities and cover the whole spectrum of local hospitals.

With staff strategically positioned at hubs within sites across the country, as well as experience across a broad range of therapeutic areas, the teams provide management and project support onsite, effectively managing the relationship between sites and sponsor and/or CRO, and streamlining the research experience for the sites, investigators and patients.

Download the 'Turn to India' brochure for more information

With a growing network of top recruiting sites and access to a potential population of 13.5 million patients, Synexus’ Poland operates from six Dedicated Research Centres and has hundreds of completed studies and thousands of randomized patients, with further centres planned.

In 2012, Synexus Poland became the hub for our Central and Eastern Europe operations with the new head office in Sky Tower, Wrocław and the state-of-the-art modern facility in Gdansk boasting the largest Synexus centre in the world. Work continues with 53 GP outpatient clinics and around 40 different secondary care specialists, with further plans to increase this number, as cooperating healthcare providers are important both for patient recruitment and trial participation.

The network of sites in South Africa provides access to 18 million potential patients and the ongoing opportunity to build strong clinical research partnerships. With 125 full time employees of whom 14 are clinicians and 34 are registered nurses, Synexus South Africa has built a proud track record of more than 330 clinical trials across a wide spectrum of diseases.

These studies are carried out at three Synexus-owned dedicated research centres and partnerships with 20 other centres across the country, which share the Synexus philosophy of fast-tracking patient enrolment and clinical execution. Recognised for its quadruple burden of disease, including TB, degenerative diseases, injury related mortality and HIV/AIDS, means the developing nature of South Africa results in a large proportion of patients not having access to first world medicine. Therefore the opportunity to participate in clinical research is welcomed by patients and clinicians alike.

Synexus Ukraine is based in Kiev and offers an extensive network of affiliated sites. These include some of the best state and privately-run hospitals which enables us to access a population of over 10 million people. Synexus deliver the highest quality clinical studies working closely with clinicians that offer unrivalled experience and dedication that simply make our sites some of world’s top 10 recruiters for specific therapeutic areas.

Through working in partnership with Synexus Ukraine our clients enjoy the highest quality enrolment services that deliver high speed recruitment.

With a network of primary and secondary care research sites and access to 24 million potential patients, the UK has nine Dedicated Research Sites, including the first run in partnership with the Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Helping to provide further access to secondary care patients, doctors and facilities as well as developing our UK partnerships to expand our therapeutic service offering.

Employing experienced clinical teams, including 23 doctors and 35 nurses, our patient engagement specialists look for traditional and innovative ways to educate and attract patients to Synexus and this means we can conduct concept testing and start studies quickly and efficiently. Our aim therefore, is to increase the number of GP practices within the NHS and NIHR who will promote our clinical trials with patients and improve our working relationships with hospital Trusts for enhanced patient identification to local Synexus centres.

Synexus and US based Radiant Research announced their full operational integration to create the world’s largest site network for clinical research in May 2017. The company, operating under the Synexus name, is the market leader in the site network space, running 200 sites across 11 countries and offering access to over 100 million patients in key clinical development markets.

The collaboration provided a strong strategic fit for the European headquartered Synexus and Radiant Research, which had over 75 sites across the US. Together both companies enrolled over 10,500 patients into trials in 2016. This move provides biopharmaceutical and contract research organisation (CRO) customers with an unmatched opportunity to locate the right patients for the right trials across US, Europe, South Africa and Asia.

With more than 180 research sites across five continents, Synexus continues to grow and work with a diverse range of leading Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnologies and Clinical Research Organisations.

Working across the US and Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, and South Africa, our specialist recruitment and retention methods ensure patients are fully engaged in clinical trials, which enhances operational efficiency and research quality. This empowers Synexus to deliver more patients from fewer sites for global studies in selected therapeutic areas.

Over 850 GCP trained medical personnel; investigators, nurses, radiographers and data coordinators make up the 60% of Synexus staff who are employed at our Research Sites. All highly skilled and experienced individuals focussed purely on our trials and committed to ensuring Synexus is the patient’s choice for clinical research in the region around each center.

Built to our patient-centric blueprint and designed to recruit and retain patients for clinical trials in the most efficient way, every Synexus Research Site provides an exceptional support infrastructure with a dedicated office where monitors always have space and resource to work. Each site has a controlled pharmacy, laboratory for controlled sample management and areas dedicated for data coordination to ensure the CRFs are accurate and complete.

Synexus partners with key research sites in order to increase patient access in existing countries and global regions, but also to offer customers our model in new parts of the world or in emerging therapies.

Affiliates are selected using local knowledge and are involved in Synexus studies in a controlled step-by-step process. Sites are then given the opportunity to evolve and become a full Synexus partner.