With a client base that includes some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, we are focussed on seeking and forming professional relationships with our sponsors in order to maximise the mutual benefit of our collaboration. Determined to deliver anywhere in the world, our aim is to contribute to your strategic development as well as fulfilling your operational requirements.

Through our committed offering of patient recruitment and retention, we are founded on patient understanding and access to real life longitudinal data. Our feasibility, screening, recruitment and retention activities run alongside our consistent best practices that are implemented on a global basis.

Our right patient right time approach that gives us our confidence of delivery, rather than opting for a large volume of patients at the wrong time. With a smaller number of dedicated sites, a higher quality of qualified patients can be recruited and retained.

Unlike the traditional models, this reduces monitoring and management burden and helps to simplify the trial supply and documentation. Enabling you to access diverse patient populations due to our international reach and specialist patient recruitment strategies.

Some of the most challenging aspects of implementing clinical trials are access to competent investigators, patient recruiting, and patient compliance. We have overcome these obstacles by leveraging our site ownership knowledge to create a specialised global site conduct services that manages patients into Sponsor Protocols in a high quality manner.

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