Working with a uniquely engaged global patient community means we create and implement an equally unique and adaptable patient engagement strategy. A strategy that makes a difference, whereby patients are treated as individuals and are recognised and appreciated for their valuable contribution.

By putting patient’s first, we consistently deliver an exceptional service with continued enhancements to the quality and efficiency of each trial. In order to maintain future retention, it’s important that patients feel positive about their visits to our trial sites.

This also extends to medical staff, who are fully integrated as part of the team, and all have a passion both for the highest quality patient care and rigorous, efficient clinical research. They want to make a difference for patients, knowing their work will contribute to the approval of new medications.

It’s through these strong relationships that the patient journey can be enhanced, with an increased patient awareness and confidence in the clinical trial process. Retention is then managed holistically whereby the patients’ practical and emotional needs are prioritised and sufficient time allocated for doctor-patient interactions. A motivated and engaged patient is more likely to stay with the study, so the team recognise and appreciate their participation.

We ensure patients feel valued, are kept informed, have frequent contacts irrespective of the length of time between study visits and receive excellent closure at the end of the study. This robust patient-centric approach contributes significantly to the efficient running of the trial by minimising missed appointments and patient drop-out.