Operating as a dedicated research site model enables us to recruit large volumes of high quality patients at a low number of sites and this results in higher average numbers of patients per site compared to the industry average. By reducing the total number of sites within a study, we can provide Clinical Research Organisations with a focused approach and competitive advantage.


Dedicated Research Site

We achieve this by employing experienced research staff and provide them with the best available facilities and equipment. This allows our systems and procedures to be focussed solely on clinical trials supported by corporate infrastructure and in-depth knowledge. Our model facilitates outside patient recruitment, contributing to improved patient enrolment at fewer sites.

Integrated Site Model

Our integrated sites are located within or adjacent to the investigator’s private practice, providing access to the clinic’s patient population for study recruitment – ideal for studies requiring patient medical history.

Affiliate Site Model

We operate an affiliated site model in Germany, India, Hungary, Poland, South Africa, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Czech Republic in order to fit with local regulations and/or offer a wider reach to patients across these countries.

Hospital Site Model

At locations in Bulgaria, Germany, South Africa, UK, Ukraine and USA, our 20 hospital based sites allow strong collaborations between us and hospital research teams. This model enables access to therapeutic PIs and specialist support, expanding patient access through hospital and regional databases.

  • Benefit from qualified patients that are recruited and retained from fewer sites than traditional models, reducing monitoring and management burden, simplifying trial supply and documentation.
  • Access to diverse patient populations due to international reach and specialist patient recruitment strategies
  • Experienced Principal Investigators and clinical staff, wholly dedicated to conducting clinical trials, who understand the patient situation and therapy area
  • Expedited start-up and accelerated patient recruitment through better feasibility
  • Highest standards of care for patients leading to successful patient retention
  • Comprehensive feasibility assessments that provide a reliable assessment of our recruitment capability
  • An experienced and dedicated Project Manager who aligns the project objectives and ensures effective communication
  • Single contract for multiple countries/sites to simplify trial management