Synexus S.A.’s second annual Education and Retention event for the Mamelodi community has been hailed a great success.

Hosted by the Stanza Dedicated Research Centre, this valuable forum brought together healthcare workers and community members to discuss disease prevalence, managing lifestyle and preventative measures for communicable diseases specific to the area.

In addition, over 280 attendees registered for HIV testing provided by the Foundation for Professional Development, many of them young people or elderly community members.

Chairperson of the Community Advisory Board Dr Philemon Mahuma appealed to community members to participate and take ownership of their health while Mr Lucky Molefe (Site Community Engagement Manager) and Sr Merriam Moeketsi (Study Coordinator) emphasised the importance of attending follow-up visits to improve trial outcomes. Testimonials from previous trials participants were shared to highlight the benefits to the community as a whole.

Guests felt the event, started in 2015 by Dr Vathi and Team Stanza, once again provided a valuable experience for members of the community who want to help make a difference.

The drive to benefit the lives of people around the world is at the heart of the Synexus research approach and the foundation of our mission to be the patient’s choice for clinical research.

Synexus contributes to global health improvement by working with a number of local communities across a diverse range of countries. Our research partnerships have a positive impact through initiatives such as community outreach programmes which provide clinics for communities in need of accessible healthcare.