Synexus recruits 87% of patients for major osteoporosis study

01 Mar 2010
Following the recent announcement from Manchester-based Synexus that they had randomised 2,700 patients in just ten months for an osteoporosis study, the company has once again demonstrated that it is possible to recruit the agreed number of patients within the study deadline by recruiting 87% of patients to another study for the same therapeutic area.
This trial, for a major biotech, involved eleven of Synexus' twenty six dedicated recruitment centres across the UK, Europe and South Africa. There were nine US sites also taking part. Of the 565 patients that were randomised, Synexus recruited 494 over an average of eighteen weeks per site, with the Polish and South African sites recruiting significantly above their targets.

Synexus Chief Executive, Michael Fort, says this most recent achievement, hot on the heels of their last success in this area, helps to demonstrate that his company is consistently delivering some of the best clinical trials recruitment results in the global marketplace: "Yet again these results show that the Synexus recruitment model is working consistently throughout our sites in the UK, Europe and in South Africa. We have quite clearly out-performed recruitment in the U.S and there is no doubt that this is down to our dedicated recruitment centres being managed and run by professional, full-time investigators who can look after and process the large number of patients that we screen and randomise following the success of our marketing campaigns across the board and our outreach work in parts of Central and Eastern Europe and South Africa.

Synexus, based in Manchester, is the world's largest multi-national company entirely focused on the recruitment and running of clinical trials at its own Dedicated Research Centres in the UK, Western, Central and Eastern Europe as well as South Africa and Asia. The company now has twenty six dedicated research centres, an increase of nine following its recent acquisition of German-based ClinPharm which has given Synexus a patient population reach of over 30 million patients; an increase of 50 per cent globally and 100 per cent across Europe.

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